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"The Directorate and staff of Chanson Trading 1155 cc is a dynamic entity, is adjusted to change and fully accepting of the long-term strategic outlines above.  With this attitude, we ensure a realistic approach to the circumstance of the new South Africa, working together to the mutual benefit of everyone."

General Manager, Jan Kruger

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Mission Statement


  • We strive at all times to achieve and maintain engineering excellence, and see our steadily growing list of satisfied clients as positive indication of our performance in the past and our objectives in the future.  We strive to create within the company a united non-racial team in which the safety and well being of all the employees is catered for.  The only way we can achieve this to ensure that we all work together productively, effectively and fully utilize the company’s assets to ensure good return for all.



  1. We believe in Integrity, Honesty and Pride.

  2. We believe in sound Business Ethics. 

  3. We place our customer FIRST!

  4. We surround ourselves with customers with the same values and strictly reject any form of crime and corruption.

  5. We believe that people are our biggest asset and that the individual can make a difference.

  6. Our philosophy is to manage our client’s requirements and allow you to focus on your core business.

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Vision Statement


  • The present social-political era necessitates that companies and individuals re-assess their future and what is needed to ensure South African participation in the global markets not to mention its worth in the African context.  With this in mind Chanson Trading 1155 cc have deliberated as to where we, as a company see ourselves in the future and our participation in and growth during these changing times.

  • Firstly we are pro active and have a positive approach.

  • Secondly as a professional contractor and maintenance, the quality of our service is, and must remain, of primary.

  • We therefore have initiated our own programs in order to contribute to the upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities and the following strategic decisions were taken.


  • While preference will be given to previously disadvantage communities when employing new staff, strict screening of applicants remains essential to ensure that the level of service we provide to our clients will not be compromised.



Empowerment via Training

  • The challenge is to provide more people with opportunities to become trained professionals and Chanson Trading 1155 cc established training programs, in conjunction with LG Electronics, in which theoretical and practical training is provided to students in technical and management fields.

  • These programs involve our clients and selected students who will be specifically trained with us to will go on return to our clients to maintain systems or installations.

  • This serves not only to empower people, by also ensures that they have secure employment after training.


  • Appointments have been negotiated with several students and professional people, whereupon we give:

  • *    Students permanent appointments, which together with training  and appropriate mentorship, develops them to management level within three to five years.

  • *     Technicians are appointed under similar training and mentorship arrangements, the period of which carries according to their experience.



Service Range

  • General Maintenance

  • Electrical – Specialized in LT & HT

  • Plumbing

  • Boiler making

  • Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Cold-rooms

  • Construction

  • Engineering Projects


Product Range

  • Supply of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Cold Rooms.

  • Carrier

  • Dinhan Bush

  • TCL


Electricity Plugs

Contact Info

Phitaba Industrial Park

96 Heefer street

Unit 6B



083 321 9495       Jan Kruger

071 970 6200      Thabo Motsikitlane


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